Work Breaks That Make You More Productive


Photography of hot coffee in a retro alarm clock.

aking a break isn’t slacking; it’s critical to success. These downtime suggestions backed by science will help you work smarter and get more out of your day.

Drink your coffee in the break room.
A change in scenery can help you focus on enjoying your food or drink. Such acts of mindfulness improve one’s focus, a 2019 Journal of Occupational Health Psychology study found.

Take a brisk walk.

Time spent on a treadmill can spark creativity, a Stanford study shows.

Work in timed spurts.

Productivity expert Bob Pozen noticed that musicians were most productive when they practiced in increments of between 75 and 90 minutes.

Download a meditation app.

Researchers from Harvard and Yale discovered a correlation between meditation and brain changes that improve cognitive thinking. Good choices include Calm, Insight Timer, and The Mindfulness App.

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