Women Political Office Holders on the Rise

Over the last 10 years, female elected officials have made some progress. Today, there are more women in Congress, state legislatures, and mayoral offices than in 2007. And since the election of President Trump, the number of women running for office has surged, according to EMILY’s List, an organization that helps increase the number of female candidates and officeholders.

According to EMILY’s List President and CEO Stephanie Schriock, “This surge of grassroots energy is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in EMILY’s List’s 33-year history. This past year alone, over 26,000 women from every state in the union have reached out to us and are interested in running for office. Having more women run, and ultimately win office, has profound implications for the direction of our country because their perspectives make for better policies.”

Congress (House and Senate)

2017 105 seats | 19.6%
2007 86 seats | 16.1%

Statewide elected executive offices
(governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, etc.)

2017 74 positions | 23.7%
2007 76 positions | 24.1%

State legislative positions
2017 1,853 officeholders | 25.1%
2007 1,732 officeholders | 23.5%

Mayors of 100 largest cities

2017 1 mayors | 21%
2007 10 mayors | 10%

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