Wind down – at Work

You’re busy. you’re interrupted all the time. Your neck hurts from staring at the computer. Okay, time for a break. Here are a few simple ways to interrupt the stress circuits.

• Sit up straight, loosen any piece of clothing around your waist that feels tight, and take five deep breaths. With each inhale, feel your belly move outward. Make each exhale long and slow, concentrating on the sensation of the breath moving out of your body.

• Stand up and stretch. Raise your arms, palms up, slowly out to the side, until they’re alongside your ears. Take hold of your right wrist with your left hand and lean slightly to the left, focusing on the stretch on your right side. Repeat on the other side.

• Once a week, eat lunch in silence, without reading or watching anything. Enjoy the sense of spaciousness.

• Take five minutes for a walk outside, around the block or the office park—anywhere you can move steadily for five minutes. Focus your gaze on some bit of nature, and remind yourself that the world does not begin and end in your office.

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