woman on phone

What’s Your Type?

Nancy Friedman, president of Telephone Doctor, a customer service training company in St. Louis, MO, frequently writes about cell phone etiquette. Here, she shares with DW some of the most typical “Cell Phone Personalities.”

The Shouter – Thinks everyone is hearing challenged.

The Secret Talker – Covers the receiver and looks as though she’s delivering information for the CIA.

The Corporate Cliché Meister – This person uses buzzwords & clichés to impress those around her. “This would really connect the dots and help us build synergies for all of our stockholders. I just hope we don’t get any pushback.”

The Useless Call Maker – Makes useless calls…one after the other. You’ll find her at the airport making astute comments such as, “Hi, we haven’t left yet. Ok, bye.” Or “Hi, we just landed. Ok, see you.”

The Crazy Talker – The hands free-user. You see and hear her walking and talking loudly, head bobbing up and down, but there’s no one around.

The I Don’t CARE Where I Am or Who You Are… – This cell phone user makes and takes any and all calls anywhere she pleases.  Funeral? Restaurant? As it rings, she quickly (and insincerely) says, “Sorry about that.”

The Cell Phone Driver – Drive or talk. You can’t do two things well at the same time.

The Considerate Cell Phone User – This RARE person has a high regard for others and their personal space. When she makes or takes a phone call, she removes herself from the table or whatever area she’s in and takes or makes the call in a private area so as not to disturb anyone.

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