Past Wellness Wednesday Webinars

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The Wellness Wednesdays series is a FREE webinar open for all to attend. Please join us on the last Wednesday of every month for a conversation that will jump start your 2022 self care, health and wellness journey. Click below to register.

Wellness Wednesdays 2022

“How to Start A Healthy Happy New Year through Brain Health…because in actuality, health starts with the brain” with Daneen West

“Matters of the Heart” with Michelle Bradley Emebo

“Faces of Anxiety” with Dr. Kendall Dupree from Amen Clinics

Recovering from COVID and Well-being with Dr. Michelle Robin

Reinvention: Going Within to Discover New Gifts for A New Day with Rolonda Watts

“Learning How to Sleep Well” with The Sleep Doctor Dr. Michael Breus 

“The Four Key Pillars of Wellness: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health” with Reena Vokoun

“Overall Wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit” with Dr. Kevin Flythe

“Personalizing Your Plate to Develop a Healthy Pattern” with Cordialis Msora-Kasago

“Healthy Living For Your Brain and Body” with Beverly M. Berry

“Eat Well, Live Well” with Cristina Caro

“Train Your Brain: Science-Based Solutions for Surviving Stressful Times” with Roberta A. LaPorte

“Mental Health, MIndfulness & Self Care” with Dr. Janet Taylor 

“Mental Health & Covid” with Dr. Nancy O’Reilly

Wellness Wednesdays Recap with Dr. Sheila and Crystal Harkless

“Start At One” with Dr. Gilles LaMarche

“Detox Recipe to Help Alleviate Stress, Increase Happiness and Boost Overall Wellbeing” with Patricia Cimino

“How to Stay Fit During the Fast Approaching Holiday Season” with Shaun Canoy

“How to create a 90 day plan to stay stress free, active and eat healthy during the holidays.” with Mindy McCarthy

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