We the People Are Resolved

Last week the Supreme Court delivered rulings that struck down two pillars of democracy in America. The rulings, one that overturned affirmative action in higher education and another that invalidated a Colorado anti-discrimination law that protected the rights of LGBTQ individuals, while expected, were still shocking. They will set back the steady rise towards equality in our country over the last 60 years.

These rulings challenge the heart of Diversity Woman Media’s mission, to advance women, in particular women of color, into leadership, and to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Belonging in the business sector.

However, these hurdles, while daunting, will not stop us. We have faced many obstacles before, and we know how to stay true, stay strong, and persevere. Long before these rulings, organizations across the country, in every sector, were mobilizing for this day. Not only will Diversity Woman Media stand tall with our countless allies, we will stay steadfastly committed to our purpose, and  not miss a step in building a stronger, more diverse and inclusive workforce in which women can thrive.

I urge you to join Diversity Woman Media in this new fight. Together, we can leverage the innovative tools and approaches we have already developed and successfully implemented to develop new strategies to continue our upward trajectory, and fulfill our quest to build a more diverse and inclusive America.


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