United States Tennis Association


What are you celebrating in life and work nowadays?

(from left to right)

Managing Director, Ticketing and Digital 
Strategy • “I’m celebrating life and not taking for granted that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Leading a team of dedicated and driven individuals with a desire to be great, contributes to the overall success of this organization. And this gives me plenty to celebrate. I’m excited to celebrate fifteen years of marriage, while enjoying the unique personalities, gifts, and talents of my three children.”


Managing Director, Pro Tennis and US Open Marketing • “I’ve taken great pride in leading the development of the first-ever US Open brand book which has helped to align the organization on the brand promise and inspire everything we do as a premier event. On a personal note, I’m experiencing great joy in the new parenting journey I’ve embarked on with my husband. Watching our 18-month-old son’s personality develop 
is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.”


Managing Director, Partnership Marketing • “At work and in life, I am celebrating and embracing change. The USTA is in an unprecedented time of growth, with significant projects underway that will offer new and exciting opportunities for our business that I’m excited to help lead. With four children, change is the name of the game. By reminding myself to enjoy every precious moment, I’m able to celebrate new adventures with them.”


Chief Marketing Officer • “One of the key accomplishments I’ve been celebrating over the past year is the USTA partnering with many companies committed to reversing the trend of childhood obesity by focusing on how we can change youth sports and get more kids active in the game. On a personal level, my entire family has been excited about the newest addition to our family, our puppy Fin!”


Chief Administrative Officer & 
General Counsel • “I am celebrating a renewed emphasis on well-being and balancing my many personal interests, including the arts, traveling, and living in New York City, with my professional pursuits as these personal passions expand my mind and inform my work. Professionally, I am celebrating the good fortune of having a role within the USTA that enables me to contribute both strategically and operationally in a multitude of ways across the entire association.”


Director, Diversity & Inclusion • “I’m celebrating the work that the company’s Diversity and Inclusion department is doing with our Business Resource Groups, where we connect diverse employees to a broader role in supporting key USTA business priorities. In life, I’m celebrating my daughter right now, as she prepares to graduate from college and embark on her career journey and become a great leader in her own right. I’m excited about what the future holds for her.”

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