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Understanding Our Differences, Celebrating Our Uniqueness: EMC

What can women leaders do to promote leadership development for women?



Nuzhat Karim (far left) Social Media Consultant:  “Become a social media maven; utilize the highest level of social media to both build and nurture relationships—new and old.”

Brenda Ruiz  Training Consultant: “There are many ways women leaders can help other women advance into leadership roles. They can  become mentors and share social networks inside and outside the organization. In addition, they can encourage and help women on their staff build individual development plan irrespective of aspirations.”

Natalie Corridan-Gregg  Director, Technology Analysis: “We should encourage everyone to be  great at their job. Let your staff and  colleagues know it is not about being male or female, it is about being the most qualified. Change the discussion from gender to capability.”

Jackie Glenn, Senior Director and Chief Diversity Officer: “I believe that it is important that woman in leadership positions become advocates for other women. In that role, they should challenge the status quo— by coaching other woman—and hold managers accountable for their actions, as well as share stories of success.”

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