Understanding Our Differences, Celebrating Our Uniqueness: Cisco

What does innovation mean to you?




Manager IT, Latin America -“Innovation comes from passion, engagement and motivation, and is a natural response towards achieving or improving whatever you believe in.”

Director, Global Trade – “Innovation to me is Cisco in many ways; coming to work with intelligent people, sharing ideas on how to build a more efficient process for our customers, and executing in bold ways in new markets that bring people together to make a profound difference in the way they live, work, play, or learn.”

Chief Diversity Officer -“Innovation is defined as ‘The process of translating an idea into a good/service that creates value.’ One cannot achieve its true power without an inclusive environment and diverse workforce. In Silicon Valley, we are inspired every day with the breadth of engineers from differ- ent backgrounds and diverse perspectives—it becomes the fuel that drives innovation and economic recovery.”

Director Legal Services – “Intellectual curiosity and desire to effect positive change are often drivers for innovation. Identifying a challenging situation and having the luxury of time and space to think critically about what you can do to improve the situation are ingredients that inspire innovation would happen if you took
a few minutes every day to partner with someone to discuss solutions for your challenges. How powerful would that be?”

Vice President and Chief Technology and Experience Officer – “Innovation is all about using teamwork and creativity to solve hard problems. It’s about people bringing their own experiences, perspectives, and passion to a problem and creating a solution that they never would have thought of on their own. You can taste and feel innovation, both when you create it and when you use it. Innovation is not just for technologists. Everyone can be an innovator every day.”

Manager, IT Innovation and Research Center  – “I believe that innovation is the act of creating an unprecedented value proposition— for people, companies, communities, and in general, for humankind. For innovation to flourish, there needs to be a deep passion for change that withstands the fear of failure and an inclusive environment that values diverse and unconventional perspectives.”

SVP, Americas Partner Organization -“Creativity is the fuel source for innovation.  The fuel source needs an engine in order to accelerate growth and productivity. That engine is a diverse, open, and trusting work environment where risks can be taken safely and innovation can thrive.”

Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Strategist –“Ultimately, innovation is about creating new value. It’s more than just the manifestation of a great idea—it’s the new realm of possibility created in the process. What drives and inspires innovation is an environment that welcomes and supports a full spectrum of different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, styles, and points of view.”

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