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How are you leaning in to support the career development of your team?

Laura S. Adams, Principal, Corporate Finance

(left) I approach my team as a set of individuals, each with their own aspirations, motivations, strengths and values, and avoid a “one size fits all” approach. Each relationship is built on trust, confidence, and frequent engagement. This enables exploring the best strategy to enhance each individual’s career, while also complementing the team’s mission.

Jo Anne Bennett, Principal, Security Market Group

One of the most important aspects of my role as a leader is providing feedback to my staff. Providing them with clear, specific, and actionable feedback on their performance—even when the feedback is challenging to deliver and difficult for the staff to accept—is vital to their professional development.

Amy Valdez, Senior Associate, Defense Market Group

I am taking extra time to communicate and connect one-on-one with all my staff via authentic conversations. Focusing on listening, responding, and following through on discussions with timely feedback and action reinforces the relationship with all team members and leads to stronger ties throughout the team.

Stephanie Marsden, Senior Associate, Civil Market Group

I believe it is important to provide a diverse set of experiences to each member of my team, allowing them to develop new capabilities, proficiency, and the confidence to actively take on higher levels of responsibility. Continuous engagement, candid feedback, and coaching are all key for each individual to understand what success look likes and to accelerate professional development.

Ezmeralda Khalil, Principal, Strategic Innovation Group

I actively look for stretch opportunities for my staff to support their career development and provide visibility amongst their clients, leadership, and colleagues. Nudging them into opportunities beyond what they see themselves capable of expands their definition of career growth and ensures they do not limit their potential.


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