Top tips for teleconferencing and videoconferencing

Meetings are ever more likely to be conducted remotely these days, which means you need to get good at presenting yourself via audio and video hookups. These tips can help you get your points across clearly and confidently.

For an audio teleconference

• Don’t be afraid to interrupt, but be sure to identify yourself first so everyone knows who’s commenting.

• On calls with a lot of participants, mute your phone when you’re not speaking to minimize background noise.

For a video call

• Wear cool colors like blue, which look better on camera, and choose solids instead of busy patterns.

• If you wear makeup, use one of the new lines designed to make you look good on high-definition video.

• Light your space so harsh shadows aren’t on your face.

• Create a background that’s professional looking and uncluttered.

• Set up the video camera at eye level.

• Make eye contact by looking directly at the camera.

Most important

Practice! Particularly for video, you’ll feel much more at ease if you set up a test call with a trusted colleague and use the feedback you get to adjust your presentation.

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