Top States for Women to Retire

A beautiful senior African-American woman in her 70s wearing sunglasses and a wide brim hat on a sunny day. She is looking up at the sky, smiling. A building, palm trees and clear blue skies are visible in the reflection in the sunglasses.

When it comes to retirement, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re looking for affordability, fun, or romance, these states are worth a second look.

If you want a low cost of living: Your dollars will go furthest in Mississippi. Average home prices are less than $130,000.

If you want an active retirement: Florida is tough to beat. With a large senior population and plenty of beaches, amusement parks, and resorts, there is a host of activities for an active retired woman to enjoy.
If you’re concerned about health and well-being: Hawaii boasts the highest life expectancy for women, at 84.72 years.
If you’re widowed, divorced, or single: Louisiana is home to New Orleans, where 59 percent of women and 37 percent of men over 65 are single.
If you want a warm climate: Arizona lets you enjoy mild winters and summer heat without the humidity.
If you like the outdoors: Colorado is home to such ski resorts as Aspen, Breckenridge, and Vail. In the summer, you can hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. Thanks to Denver International Airport, other adventures are only a flight away.

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