The Power List 2021

WONDER WOMEN: Talented, empowered, and headed for the corner office

In the coming years, corner offices and boardrooms might look quite different than they ever have before. Across the country, women in every industry—from finance to law, from tech to retail—are powering forward in their careers, their sights set on leadership.

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As we kick off a new year, Diversity Woman celebrates some of the country’s brightest rising female stars across all races, cultures, and identities. They are all innovative problem-solvers who are driven by a positive vision for the future. As they carve out exciting careers for themselves, they are also determined to bring other women along with them. Meanwhile, their organizations are working to remove barriers to female leadership with initiatives like mentorships, leadership development programs, and employee resource groups. Increasingly, organization are recognizing that working toward gender parity is a great way to attract and retain top talent.

There’s still much work to do. A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that it would take up to a century to reach gender parity at the very top: CEO. But the impressive women on our list show no signs of stopping—and women’s success benefits everyone. That same McKinsey study examined what would happen if the gender gap were to be narrowed to what it calls a best-case scenario, and the results are staggering: by 2025, $2.1 trillion could be added to the country’s economy.


To compile our Power List, Diversity Woman selected talented, high-potential women across various races, cultures, and identities who have been identified by their organization as being on the fast track to leadership and executive roles.


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