Stressed Out? There’s an App for That

Your computer and smartphone probably get more face time with you than your friends do. So when you need a stress break, why not let your digital pals remind you to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and relax?

Stretch exercises
For Android | Free
Movement is a proven antidote to stress—but it’s easy to get immobilized sitting at your desk. This app takes you through stretches for the neck, shoulders, back, and waist that you can do at your desk, with tips for aligning your breathing with your moves.

For Mac and Windows | Free
The soft chime of a Tibetan singing bowl reminds you of how long you’ve spent at the computer without a break: it sounds once for every hour of continuous computer use. After you take a five-minute break, the clock resets to zero.

PYV (Protect your vision)
Web based | Free
Too much screen time can strain your eyes. Remind yourself to rest your peepers with this app, which prompts you to look away from the machine at intervals of your choosing.

GPS for the Soul
For iPhone | Free
For more interactivity, try this app from the Huffington Post. When you place your finger on your screen, the app tells you your pulse and the variability of your heart rate. If you’re stressed out, the app suggests a “guide” to help you relax. You can use prepackaged soothing music, for instance, or a poem or photo you select.

Office Yoga
For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch | $0.99
This app offers whimsical illustrations of yoga poses you can do at work—with specific moves to try while waiting at the copy machine, talking on the phone, etc. The visuals are easy to follow and will make you smile.

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