Skills College Grads Need for Today’s Job Market

The right job comes along when you align your skill set with the one companies are seeking. These are the skills and attributes employers value most.

Communication: Be proficient at expressing your thoughts effectively through speaking and writing.

Teamwork/Collaboration: Develop relationships with colleagues and customers and know how to work with others on a team.

Critical thinking/Problem-solving: Strengthen your ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems.

Leadership: Learn how to inspire others to excel.

Computer skills: Acquire basic knowledge of technology to increase productivity.

Project management: Know how to keep tasks flowing and see a project through from beginning to end.

Creativity: Come up with innovate strategies and solutions to push your company forward.

Adaptability: Learn how to embrace and thrive amid change.

Digital fluency: Be able to leverage social media and other forms of digital communication.

Customer service: Know what it takes to make customers feel appreciated and earn their loyalty.

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