Salma Hayek: Turning Beauty Into a Business That Works

In her career as an actress and model, Salma Hayek has learned a thing or two about the beauty industry. So in 2017, she decided to jump in.

In 2017, Hayek partnered with Juice Generation founder Eric Helms to create Blend It Yourself, a subscription service in which customers receive all the ingredients they need to make delicious organic smoothies that also can be used as beauty-generating face masks.

While slathering a smoothie across your face may seem like a novel idea, “I’ve been using these recipes myself for years,” Hayek said when the service launched. In doing so, she says she’s discovered that “beauty is born when we nourish our bodies with ingredients found in nature.”

This isn’t the first time Hayek and Helms have worked together. In 2008, they launched Cooler Cleanse, a home-delivery juicing program. “It’s always been a very natural progression for us,” Hayek told CNBC. “Eric and I shared a similar passion for helping to reduce the way our modern lifestyle brings so much stress to our body.”

Since 2011, Hayek has also been the promotional face of Nuance Salma Hayek, a skin-care and makeup collection she developed with the drugstore chain CVS.

As her empire has expanded, Hayek has remained true to her mission to empower women through wellness.

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