Have a Plan B … a Plan C … and a BUP (Backup Plan)

Do you know what you’re good to be doing three years from now? Two years from now? One year? How about next week?

Most of us don’t have a short-term plan let alone a long-term plan. But great leaders plan in advance, says Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker who specializes in leadership and executive development.

Here at Diversity Woman we’ve taken this message to heart. I recently realized, like so many  busy career women, I was moving so quickly, trying to keep up on the constant treadmill of life, that I was finding it challenging to even plan for the next day.

While living one day at a time can have its own advantages when it comes to one’s personal life, it doesn’t work when it comes to career success. Simply put, if you want a fulfilling and successful career, you need to be setting long-term and short-term goals— and working towards reaching each of those milestones.

I recommend that each of us establish—in writing —a one-year plan for short-range goals, a three-year plan for long-term goals, and most importantly a backup plan.

If you don’t already have your plan, or if your plan may need to be modified or refreshed, we have perfect opportunity to help you glide into 2013. Please join us at our 2012 Diversity Woman Leadership Conference October 29 and 30th at The Gaylord Resort at National Harbor Maryland . Goal planning will be front and center at this year’s conference. In fact, I am going to kick off the conference by sharing my personal one-year, three year and backup plan. Other panels will touch upon goal planning including “Purpose, Power & Passion: The 3 P’s to Chart Your Own Course.” Learn how clarity about your life’s goals not only helps you reach them, but how that intentionality of purpose will make you a leader.

See you there!

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