Overwhelmed? Break Projects into Smaller Pieces

Huge projects can be intimidating. Use these tips to split your next big chore into manageable chunks.

Know the difference between a task and a project. A project is an achievement that takes several steps to complete. A task is a single step on the road to the finish line.

Write down every step.To identify your tasks, make a list of every action you must take to get the finished result.

Create a time estimate for every task. The only way you can schedule enough time to complete a project is to have an idea of how long each task will take. If you miscalculate on one task, make adjustments to the rest of your schedule.

Use “time-boxing” for long tasks. The thought of starting a five-hour task may make your eyes glaze over. Instead, break lengthy tasks into short chunks of time that you’ll devote to working on them. For example, a three-hour task can be split into three one-hour blocks on your calendar.

Group related tasks into milestones. Set milestones, or dates for when you aim to have a series of related tasks completed. By monitoring your progress, you’ll see if you’re on track to finish your project on time.

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