Diversity Women Media has launched a Zoom series, Moving Forward, hosted by Publisher and CEO Dr. Sheila Robinson every Thursday at noon EST. Moving Forward will offer leaders solutions and tools for increasing resilience, and staying focused, productive and positive—at home, in our community, and with our company teams.

Past Zoom Sessions

Power, Influence & Synergy with Dr. Shanequa Fleming

Navigating the new normal

Moving Forward: Lift As I Climb with Jackie Glenn

Moving Forward: In This Together with Dr. Nancy O’Reilly

Unapologetically Ambitious with Shellye Archambeau

How Target is Managing Through the COVID Crisis

The New Reality Of The Superwoman’s Syndrome

Rise Up For The Great Reset with Pat Mitchell

Staying Fit At Home with Shaun Canoy

Leading In Times of Turbulence, with Phyllis Newhouse

Small Changes, Big Shifts with Dr. Michelle Robin

From Fear to Focus: Practical Tools for Resilient & Inspiring Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

Session recorded April 2nd

Thank you for attending From Fear to Focus: Practical Tools and Inspiring Leadership During Times of Uncertainty! We hope you recieved some practical tools that will be a great help to you. We would like to thank Dr. Melnick for taking the time to share this information with us today. In order to get the slides from the presentation and the audio where she’ll count out the breath for you, click on the image to find those resources and more.

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