Lynn Tilton is on a mission to save American jobs

When I heard Barbara Walters say those words on 20/20 last week, I got goosebumps. I mean, a billionaire, who buys failing companies and turns them around—because she wants to save jobs?  This had to be one special person.

And when Walters went on to say “She is a combination of Lady Gaga and Warren Buffett,” I knew I had to somehow get her to speak at our 2012 Business Leadership Conference, October 29th and 30th at The Gaylord Resort at National Harbor, MD.

And so she is. Lynn Tilton will be The Diversity Woman Mosaic Woman Legend Award Honoree at our Mosaic Awards luncheon, and one of the keynote speakers at the conference, which is focused on leadership and executive development for women. Lynn will tell us about her personal journey to the top.

Lynn is just one of many terrific speakers we are featuring this year, our best lineup yet. Joining Lynn on the Mosaic panel will be luminaries such as broadcast journalists Soledad O’Brien, McDonald’s Global Chief Diversity Officer Pat Harris, and Michele Kang, Founder and CEO of Cognosante.

This year’s conference, the 7th annual,  promises to be not only our largest, but our most comprehensive—with more than 500 attendees and over 50 partners. If your goal it to get ahead in your career and be a better leader, this is the place to be. The dozens of panels range from “Taking Your Career to its Next Stage: Journeying to Find the Right Mentors and Sponsors,” to “Men at Work What Are They Thinking, Saying and Doing.”

And special alert! If you sign up by August 31, you can get the early bird rate and reap significant savings. Visit for more information.

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