Lively Up Yourself

Most of us spend a huge chunk of our workday sitting—and that’s bad news for our health. Sitting too much can actually shorten your life span, a slew of recent research shows. Try these tips for making your workday more active.

Get up. Simply standing up once an hour can counteract many of the harmful effects of sitting. You can set up a program like TimeOut (, for Macs) or Workrave (, for Windows) to remind you.

Stay up. Make the top of a file cabinet or a shelf into an alternate desktop that you can use for at least part of your day. Or get a wireless headset and move around during phone calls.

Take miniwalks. Connect your computer to a printer in another area of the office, so you have to get up and walk over to it. Take the stairs to a restroom on another floor. Drink from a small water glass, so you need to get up often to refill it.

Stretch it out. Energize different parts of your body by practicing simple stretches you can do at your desk. 

Make your meetings mobile. Have a meeting while you take a walk outside; chances are your co-worker will welcome the 
activity, too.

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