Life-Easing Apps

Life-Easing Apps
Productivity apps for making our day (week, month, life!) run smoother are proliferating like time-blowing games. Diversity Woman cuts through the clutter with some of our favorite apps you might not have discovered. All are for iOS and Android.


How many times have you come across an article or video you don’t have time to read but want to dig into later? Many websites or apps allow you to bookmark them to their memory bank—but Pocket lets you save articles from across the Internet (and different web browsers) in one convenient spot. Pocket strips away most of the ads, enables you to save content off-line, and has an intuitive organizational system.
For those seeking to simplify task management, we recommend, as it has an intuitive interface and is still chock-full of features (for $3 a month, you get even more bells and whistles). You can add and arrange lists and tasks, share them, and sync across multiple devices. Everything is in one place.


Managing your social media accounts just got easier. Buffer allows you to schedule posts for various accounts —Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others—using a single app. Premium plans come with advanced features like analytics and content creation tools.

Anyone have a record for the most emails it has taken to schedule a meeting? Dozens, easy, right? Doodle takes away the pain. The event initiator sends out a Doodle poll to participants with choices of dates and times. Everyone selects all those that work for them, and the app finds the slot that matches the most choices. No need to even sign up for the app to use it. Easy!

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