10 Jobs Companies Will Be Recruiting for in the Future

Wondering what professions will be in highest demand 10 years from now? Here’s a look inside a recruiter’s crystal ball.

Ethical sourcing officers.
 In its 21 Jobs of the Future report, business development company Cognizant describes these employees as executives who make sure a company’s goods and services are in alignment with the ethical wishes of the organization’s stakeholders.

Robotics technicians.
 Robotics are no longer the stuff of science fiction, and these employees of the future will build them, program them, and make sure they are getting the job done.
Employee-machine team manager. Robots won’t work for a company in a vacuum. As robots and artificial intelligence become more intertwined in the workplace, these managers would create a system for humans and machines to interact.

Alternative energy consultants. Crimson Education says that energy specialists need to lead the way as the world and US companies become more dependent on such energy sources as solar and hydropower.

Mobile applications developers. Mobile communication is the primary way many people get their information. Staffing company Robert Half points out that businesses will need professionals to spearhead their mobile approach.

Data detectives. With technology giving us access to so much data, knowledgeable experts need to figure out what it means for an organization and how to leverage that information.
Digital currency advisors. Digital currencies such as bitcoin have the potential to revolutionize economic markets. These professionals will be on the leading edge.

Ethical hackers.
 As companies grapple with cybersecurity concerns, professionals who can identify network weaknesses will become even more in demand.

Cross-cultural capability facilitators. These D&I professionals will work with people of different cultures and backgrounds to help them negotiate and complete joint projects.

AI virtual assistant personality designers. Artificial intelligence gives us the ability to program nonhuman virtual assistants to handle a variety of company tasks. According to Ford Motor Company’s 100 Jobs of the Future report, these professionals will program them to adhere to a company’s branding and service objectives.

—Tamara E. Holmes

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