How to Stop Working 80 Hours Remotely

As many of us have learned over the last two years, working from home can be exhausting.

Here’s how to cut your hours back to a manageable load.

3d rendering of Wall Clock Stack. Countdown, reminder, deadline concept.

Set work-time boundaries. Let colleagues know your availability with group calendaring tools such as Google Workspace shareable calendars and Also let friends and family know when you’re off-limits.

Learn keyboard shortcuts. Go to to find ways to type and perform computer tasks faster.

Limit email to set times per day. That way, every incoming message won’t eat up your time.

Use energy strategically. The flexibility of working remotely lets you schedule your toughest tasks for high-energy times.

Turn off notifications. Interruptions from social media apps and email will no longer add minutes or hours to your day.

Use off-hours for personal tasks. Doing laundry or preparing meals in mid-workday can zap your energy and prolong your day.

Automate communications. Create templates for emails and documents produced frequently.

Organize your home office. Americans waste nearly three full days a year looking for misplaced items.

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