How to Stay Connected

Anatomy of a … LinkedIn Profile

cloudcomputing095Keeping a polished and up-to-date presence on the professional social network LinkedIn has become a necessity, whether or not you’re job hunting. These tips will help you do it right.

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Make a visual impact.

Along with your professional head shot, add a panoramic image to the top of your profile page to emphasize what you’re good at. If you’re a filmmaker, for instance, show yourself at a recent shoot. This brings your profile to life, says Donna Svei, a retained executive search consultant.

Make your headline memorable.

This valuable real estate just below your name is the place for a 10- to 20-word summary that encapsulates what you most want people to know about you. Don’t leave it blank—the site will just fill it with your current job title.

Let recommendations convey your value.

Try to include at least one recommendation for each of your most recent jobs. “It makes what you’re saying more reliable,” says David G. Robins, a consultant who teaches LinkedIn workshops at Jewish Vocational Services in San Francisco. When asking for a recommendation, don’t just click the button. You’ll get a better response with a personalized email or a phone request.

Showcase your best skills.

The site allows you to order your skills as you see fit. Putting the ones you think are most important first helps shape the impression you want to make. Don’t let an algorithm define you!

Say something useful.

LinkedIn now includes the option to create long-form blog posts. Crafting a thoughtful post on a hot topic in your field can be a great way to make yourself more visible.


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