Holiday Tech Gadget Wish List

Holidays are the perfect time to bring into your household that new gadget you’ve been ogling all year. You can buy it for your spouse, partner, or child—or find an excuse to buy it for yourself (“The family really needs it!”). Here are five can’t-miss devices that DW wants to bring home.

Ecobee 4 Thermostat
Getting up off the couch to turn down the AC is so passé. There are a slew of smart thermostats that can sense a room’s temperature and adjust accordingly. CNET describes the Ecobee 4 as the best of the lot. It integrates with Amazon’s Alexa for voice control (and can be used as a speaker), and it is programmed to your home’s unique energy profile.




Nest Home security camera
The indoor Nest cam is an affordable and efficient choice in the burgeoning home security camera market. It offers motion and sound detection, crisp, high-resolution video, a 130-degree wide-angle view, and a built-in two-way speaker (“Get off my porch. I’m calling the police!”).






Apple Watch Series 2
While other companies are catching up, Apple still makes the best smartwatch on the market. The new Watch Series 2 will be especially appealing to swimmers. Part of its charm is that you can wear it in the lap pool or even scuba diving. Its built-in GPS will keep you pointed in the right direction, and its processor is a serious speed upgrade from the first Apple Watch




Bose QuietComfort 
35 headphones
For decades, Bose has produced the most elegant (and, admittedly, pricey) headphones with matchless sound quality. The QuietComfort 35 does it all. These wireless, Bluetooth-streaming, noise-canceling headphones are so comfortable that your coworkers may co-opt them for making phone calls.





IFX Gen 3
Who would’ve thunk that tech websites devote pages upon pages to reviewing lightbulbs? Well, when they are “smart” bulbs, they do. One favored lightbulb isn’t just efficient—it’s fun. With LIFX Gen 3, light a room to your desired brightness—and adjust the color. It fits into standard lamps and fixtures, and is controlled through Nest, Amazon’s Alexa, or other home smart hubs.

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