Get Stuff Done!

Are you deluged by an ever-expanding to-do list? For better or worse, everybody is these days.

Ironically, the proliferation of technology—which was supposed to make life easier—has instead made it more complicated. Now that Facebook, Twitter, and a dozen other websites or apps have become necessary components of our daily routine, more than ever, we need to find ways to get things done.

Following are Diversity Woman’s recommended websites and apps that will help you cut through the clutter, streamline your life, and perhaps make it less stressful. All apps are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Jump on the bandwagon. There seems to be nothing this powerful app cannot do. By expanding the definition of a “note”—it can be an idea, a photo, an article from a website, a snippet of a song, or simply a meeting note—Evernote helps you save and organize various pieces of information and access them from anywhere.

If you use multiple devices to work on more than one project or with more than one colleague at a time, you need Dropbox. This robust cloud-storage program is capable of seamlessly sharing files and synchronizing them on all your electronic devices. You’ll never have to worry again about your email server rejecting a file because it’s too large—you can just share it on Dropbox.


When was the last time you started reading an article on the Web, but didn’t have time to finish it? Five minutes ago? With one simple click, any website page or article can be saved for your future reading pleasure.

You know those email threads by 10 different people trying to schedule a meeting? Well, you can kiss that frustration good-bye. For groups that do not have a dedicated shared calendar, Doodle allows participants to identify available time slots, and then figures out the ones in common and helps schedule a meeting.


How many different passwords do you have? Whatever the number, it’s too many. LastPass lets you to store all of your passwords in one place and access them with one master password. Don’t fear, that master password is safe because LastPass automatically encrypts each one individually.

Remember the Milk
This app is a great time-saver for the overwhelmed. Shared across multiple devices, it allows you to set up multiple to-do lists with multiple due dates. Experience the joy of checking off tasks!


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