Get Social

If you’re new to social media, creating a campaign can seem overwhelming. Should you focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest? Or all of them? And once you dive in, what next?

These tips from social media experts Shama Kabani, author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing; Kristen Curtiss, a social media specialist with Constant Contact; and Jayson DeMers, founder of AudienceBloom, will help you focus your efforts.

1.Choose wisely.
Which social media platforms does your target audience use? Where are your competitors active? Spend some time in each channel you’re considering to see which will be the best fit for your brand.

2.Set clear goals.
What value are you seeking from your campaign? This will help you tailor your activities to get the biggest return on your investment. To grow your email list, consider a Facebook giveaway that requires entrants to log their email addresses. If you want to increase your business-to-business visibility, sharing high-value content as a thought leader on LinkedIn can draw your audience in.

3. Post consistently.
It’s better to establish yourself as a regular presence on a couple of channels than to be visible only occasionally in multiple places. Create a calendar that sets start and end dates for each campaign, as well as regular milestones for updates. A social-media management tool like Hootsuite can help you schedule posts and stay on track across multiple platforms.

4. Track your impact.
Multiple tools can help you monitor and fine-tune your campaigns. Google Analytics’ free social reports can show engagement and conversion metrics for visitors coming to your website from different social networks, and how often particular pieces of content are being shared.

5. Repeat as needed.
Social media are constantly evolving. Once you’ve gained confidence on a couple of platforms, start 
experimenting with one or two more.

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