Gender Equity Training Can Increase Racial Understanding

Only one in four workers believes their company cares about gender equity, and for women of color, equity is even more elusive.

That’s according to The Gender Report, one of seven compilations of data to be unveiled in 2023 as part of a national survey titled Inclusion@Work. Researchers surveyed 1,255 workers who identify as either male or female. The survey is a collaborative effort among pollsters Prisca, Momentive, and AAPI Data, and organizations Novartis, Ascend, Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association, the Urban League, and PowerToFly.

Black women were the least satisfied with their company’s efforts, with 21 percent saying their organization prioritized gender equity, compared with 22 percent of Hispanic women, 26 percent of white women, and 29 percent of American Indian women.

Just because a company receives high marks for gender equity doesn’t mean it recognizes equity challenges when it comes to race. In organizations that prioritize gender equity, only 25 percent of employees understand that Black employees are disadvantaged—a figure not far off from the 21 percent of employees in organizations that do not prioritize gender equity.

The good news is that gender-based training programs can help more workers comprehend the challenges people of color face. When organizations offer gender-based training, the following occurs:

• The percentage of employees who think Black workers are disadvantaged rises from 19 percent to 28 percent.

• The percentage of employees who think Asian American workers are disadvantaged rises from 6 percent to 19 percent.

• The percentage of employees who think Hispanic workers are disadvantaged rises from 13 percent to 28 percent.

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