Gender Equality

GenderEqualityWhen it comes to progress in the workplace, sometimes it seems like two steps forward, one step back. Or is it one step forward, two steps back? As these numbers show, women have made strides over the past two decades—but, clearly, not enough.

Percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs who are women: 0%* in the 90s and 5.2% in 2015.

Percentage of Fortune 500 board members who are women: 9.6%* in the 90s and 16.9%** in 2015.

Percentage of Fortune 500 board members who are women of color: Data unavailable in the 90s and 2.8% in 2015.

Percentage of law firm partners who are women: 13.4%* in the 90s and 20.2%** in 2015.

Number of businesses in U.S. owned by women: 5.4 million*** in the 90s and 9 million**** in 2015.

Amount women ear on the dollar compared to men: 72 cents in the 90s and 78 cents** in 2015.

*1995 figure **2013 figure ***1997 figure ****2014 figure

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