A Special Gift From Dr. Sheila Robinson


Free Download: Lead by Example

An Insiders Look at How to Successfully Lead in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship

This book is bold. Lead by Example is filled with insights on leadership development for women of all races, cultures and backgrounds.

This book is necessary. Lead by Example mentors women who are navigating today’s complex global business world.

This book is on the frontier. Lead by Example is a no-nonsense guide to stepping into your power, breaking down myths, and turning adversity into opportunity.



This workbook will help you take the key points from the Lead by Example book and apply them to your own circumstances. The work book will show you how self-reflection, planning, and creative problem-solving can help you build a different and better future for yourself. The workbook will make suggestions and guide you based on the experiences of Dr. Sheila Robinson and insight gathered from dozens of women who hold leadership roles from start-ups to CEO’s.Designed for specifically for women looking to find their passion and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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