Fashion Trends: Spring 2024

DW Hot List

Whether you’re back in the office or have eased into a hybrid schedule, your work wardrobe could probably use a rethink. We scoured the runways to identify pieces to get you fashion ready for spring.

Oversized suits and blazers

A spin-off of the winter’s oversized coat trend, the latest suits and blazers aren’t exactly sleek and snug. Think big: oversized blazers can be paired with long skirts, capris, or wide-legged denim.

Calming shades of blue

The sky’s the limit this season: sky blue has been dominating fashion runways across the world, whether in casual wear, elegant attire, or accessories.


What’s old is always new again. This spring, expect trousers to share the spotlight with capris, which offer casual comfort for work-at-home days or polished options for the office.

Ballet flats

Even with the pandemic behind us, many of us are still not ready to go back to heels. Stylish ballet flats allow us to meet work obligations with ease and comfort to boot.

Belt bags and gold metallic accessories

Accessorize a professional look with gold metallic handbags, jewelry, and footwear. And belt bags provide a convenient but fashionable way to tote belongings through a busy workweek.

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