Tori D Lenton

Certified DEI Career Strategist, Workforce & Talent Champion and Workshop Facilitator

Tori D Lenton is a Certified and highly seasoned DEI Career Strategist, Workforce & Talent Champion, Workshop Facilitator and one who has worked to impact change in creating safe Diversity and Inclusion spaces. Having built a solid reputation of her own through over 15 years of passionately helping her clients thrive in fields like leadership, politics, executive management, tech, healthcare, among others, she has developed a unique and tailored coaching approach, where she creates a comfortable environment of authenticity and unfiltered communication, to fully understand the human beings behind the job position, identify their strengths, and help them build a life and a career that enhances their yet untapped potential, so they can achieve not only professional success, but also personal happiness. But her experience is not only limited to the corporate world, she has additionally built curriculums and career path plans while working in the Middle/High School sector and Higher Ed.  She also serves as the Director of DEI Workforce programs for a Non-Profit where she bridges the gaps for Minorities on their career journey.

Mentor Circle Topic: How Do We Engage Allies?

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