Tori D Lenton

Certified DEI Career Strategist, Workforce & Talent Champion and Workshop Facilitator

Tori Lenton is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Tori Denise Consulting Agency, an agency that offers professional career, lifestyle, & high-profile consulting services providing unique, inclusive, tailor-made business and career strategies to maximize untapped potential of clients. Tori developed a unique non-traditional coaching & consulting approach after being born with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), where her right eye was exacerbated by the oxygen therapy and left her completely blind in her left eye, She successful took her challenge and curated a comfortable virtual safe space of authenticity, unfiltered communication, and unapologetic belonging providing guidance that cultivates, strengthens, and impacts change while curating confidence in clients utilizing her techniques towards solutions and self-care in success.

Having built a solid reputation of her own for over 15 years, she has helped hundreds of clients thrive in fields such as the Film & Entertainment Industry, State & Federal, C-Level Leadership, Technology, K-12 & Higher Education, Executive & Senior Level Management. She serves as the Director of DEI Workforce programs, a Non-Profit that educates, empowers, and enlightens a diverse community bridging the gap for women and minorities through workforce, education, and mental health solutions. She is also a Director of Strategic Diversity Partnerships at 2U, a Certified Career & Business Coach, a Diversity & Inclusion Enthusiast, and a Master Life Coach.

She has spoken at numerous conferences and events, such as International Women’s Day, National Career & Leadership Conferences, 100 Black Men, and more- inspiring people globally with her words, her story, and sharing a message of empowerment, leadership, and value. Tori’s story has been one of defying the odds and reaching goals that people around her never thought possible, becoming a source of resources for her colleagues and clients. Giving her firsthand experience, she understands the real-life challenges that clients face personally and professionally, Tori has been able to help her clients identify effective career decisions on finding forward, and best business practices. She is currently partner with community colleges to host workshops on career readiness & start-up entrepreneurship and on her way to publish her first novel and career ebook, with the hopes of elevating women of color in their personal and professional success.

Peer Discussion Topic: Managing how to maintain the SIS (Self-Care in Success) status

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