Steve Pemberton

Founder and CEO | The Lighthouse Academy

Steve Pemberton is a visionary senior human resources (HR) executive, human capital strategist, best-selling author, and ardent human rights champion. A passionate communicator and powerful presenter, Steve is also a sought-after motivational speaker who is widely appreciated for his ability to connect with a broad spectrum of audiences. His relentless mission to encourage others continues to deliver trusted guideposts for living, learning, and leading.

From to Walgreens, Steve has consistently served in HR leadership positions that have furthered his gift for seeking the greater good and creating engaged communities. He is the Founder and CEO The Lighthouse Academy, a leadership, coaching and HR consultancy. Prior to that he served as the Chief Human Resources Officer of Workhuman®, a technology company that delivers performance management and employee engagement solutions to corporations worldwide.

Beyond his professional achievements in the world of human resources, Steve is also widely known as the author of two critically acclaimed and best-selling books. His first effort, A Chance in the World, shares his extraordinary story of how he defied seemingly impossible odds as an orphan navigating the perils of the foster care system – all while trying to solve the mystery of his own identity. Steve’s second book, The Lighthouse Effect: How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World, offers practical encouragement for becoming a “human lighthouse” – turning personal pain into purposeful mission to help others, as he has done in his own life.

Steve’s personal and professional accomplishments have been recognized through numerous honors. A former candidate for the United States Senate, he received the prestigious Horizon Award from the U.S. Congress, presented to private sector individuals who have expanded opportunities for all Americans through their own contributions and who have set exceptional examples for young people through their successes in life. Steve is also a recipient of the Lifetime Achiever Award by the New England Opportunity Association. Winston-Salem State University, Providence College, and Boston College are among the institutions who awarded him an honorary doctorate.

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