Simone Sloan

 Certified Executive Coach, Business Strategist and Facilitator | Your Choice Coach

Simone Sloan is a certified executive coach, business strategist and facilitator who partners with executives to develop high-level strategic planning objectives focused on identifying and aligning company programs with organizational goals designed to create long term business results.

As an executive coach, Simone’s focus is emotional intelligence, leveraging business strategy, and inclusive leadership/culture. She helps clients achieve results through awareness of their leadership blind spots. Simone then facilitates a process for them to create action plans for personal change to include both mindset and behavioral shifts.

As a strategic partner, Simone helps leaders develop executive presence, presentation skills, personal branding, strong communication skills, and confidence in their leadership abilities. Her process starts with understanding pain points, identifying objectives, and defining what success will look like. The process also includes self or 360° assessments to identify behaviors getting in the way of their effectiveness. Simone delivers the feedback directly and with empathy to build trust and a safe environment to effect change.

Simone has corporate experience in the U.S. and abroad. She has coached professionals across various sectors including: pharmaceutical, financial, real estate, media, healthcare, nonprofit, and retail. Simone successfully launched and led products and services, implemented programs for stakeholders across the globe, and developed and trained sales and medical teams. She has previously held key positions in Marketing, Communication, Medical Affairs, Promotional Regulatory/Compliance, Customer Service, and Global Business Strategy.

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