Dr. Sheila Robinson

Founder, Publisher and CEO of Diversity Woman Media

Dr. Sheila Robinson is the founder, Publisher and CEO of Diversity Woman Media a multi-faceted company that helps customers drive and deliver business results through diversity, inclusion, and talent development initiatives.

She is the author of two books: Lead by Example: An Insider’s Look at How to Successfully Lead in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship (2014) and Your Tool Kit for Success: The Professional Woman’s Guide for Advancing to the C-Suite (2017)

Fifteen years ago Dr. Robinson left her rising corporate career where she rose from working on the factory floor to the corporate office, ultimately directing marketing communications for a $6 billion division of the global chemical giant, Dupont. Her experiences, including the obstacles she faced as an African-American businesswoman in the South, led her to want to help other women on their career journeys

Today a leader in Diversity and Inclusion, inspiring speaker on talent innovation, author on leadership and a celebrated publisher, Dr. Robinson combines her first-hand experience climbing the corporate ladder with the highest academic degrees, best practices from her leading magazine, and a deep passion for empowering all women to reach their leadership destinies.

Inspiring, impactful and actionable, Dr. Sheila Robinson is moving the world toward gender parity and inclusivity one woman and one company at a time.

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