Regina Huber

Founder & CEO of Transform Your Performance

As the Founder & CEO of her coaching, speaking & training business TRANSFORM YOUR PERFORMANCE, Regina drives transformational leadership and helps impact-driven women increase their income, influence and impact.

Her eclectic experience on five continents started in Germany and includes management positions at several offices of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as well as ownership of businesses in Argentina, Brazil and the U.S. This experience shaped her into a multicultural Transformational Leadership Coach, International Inspirational Speaker, and Author of the book Speak up, Stand out and Shine, a leadership-focused white paper, and her signature framework Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)TM. She is contributing author of the book Mentors – Collective Lessons for Success and recently was featured in the book The Stories of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in the United States of America.

Regina is a Thought Leader at the Women’s Information Network (WIN), a Member of the Advisory Board of a Nigeria-based foundation, and a Speaker at Network of Executive Women (NEW). In the past, she was a member of Leadership Team of the Financial Women’s Association (FWA), among many other roles she has had in organizations in the U.S., Africa and Australia.

For more details about her work as well as free resources (articles, podcast/TV/radio interviews), visit &, and allow yourself to be inspired by he videos on her YouTube channel.

Area of Specialty: Regina helps women step into their next career level and open up new possibilities for themselves by fully owning their value, showing up with a compelling, confident presence, and enhancing their negotiation power so they can increase their income, influence and impact.

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