Regina Huber

Founder & CEO | Transform Your Performance
(Virtual Coach)

As the CEO & FOUNDER of her coaching, speaking & training business TRANSFORM YOUR PERFORMANCE, Regina Huber drives bold transformational leadership and helps her clients reach their next career goal all the way to the C-Suite so they can increase their influence and impact.

Her eclectic experience on five continents started in Germany and includes management positions at several offices of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on three continents, as well as ownership of businesses in Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S. This experience shaped her into a multicultural TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP COACH, International Inspirational Speaker, and Author of the book Speak up, Stand out and Shine as well as a leadership-focused white paper, in addition to co-authoring three other books and writing leadership- and career-focused articles for magazines in the U.S. and Africa, inc. Diversity Woman, Inclusion, Evolve and The Corporate Magazine. She also publishes weekly articles for her LinkedIn Career Growth Strategies Newsletter.

She created her signature coaching frameworks Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT), New-Paradigm Leadership (NPL), and Dream Salary Negotiations™, and she is a Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)® Enhanced Skills Practitioner. She is also a Thought Leader at WIN (Women’s Information Network) and a Show Host at WIN WIN Women TV/Roku TV. 

Over the years, she has held many roles in organizations and at events in the U.S., Africa, Australia and the Middle East, in addition to being featured on radio, TV and in magazines. She is passionate about value-driven leadership, co-creation, and dance.

For more details and resources by Regina, visit her website as well as her YouTube channel Regina Huber


  • Reaching your next career goal
  • Salary negotiations
  • Effective, value-driven leadership & employee engagement

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