Rebecca Parrilla

 Director of Content & Research, LCW

Rebecca (she/her) is the Director of Content & Research at LCW. She is a DEIB subject-matter expert and mama to a beautiful non-binary 4th grader. In her day job, she ensures that LCW’s workshops, digital tools, frameworks and toolkits are forward-looking, practical, relevant, current, and always at the vanguard of our clients’ needs. Before this role, Rebecca worked as a Principal Consultant, supporting corporate clients in their goals of mitigating unconscious bias and embedding cultural competence and inclusion into their talent processes and teams, and helping people more easily and authentically understand, energize, influence, and collaborate with people of different cultural and diversity profiles. A Puerto Rico native, Rebecca is a native English- and Spanish-speaker. She lived and worked in Chicago for 22 years, now resides in Chapel Hill, NC since 2016.

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