Nozomi Morgan

Founder & CEO| Michiki Morgan Worldwide

Nozomi Morgan is the CEO of Michiki Morgan Worldwide, the Founder of Boundaryless Japan, and the host of the Boundaryless Leadership Podcast, offering multinational organizations innovative solutions through co-creation, collaboration, and unleashing collective wisdom.

She leads a team of experts in developing global leaders. Her team helps organizations develop Co-created Culture, which she believes is the foundation for individuals and organizations to fulfill their purpose in this world.  Born in Japan, her diverse international background gives her a wealth of experience and knowledge as a strategic partner to global organizations in leading a diverse workforce.

Chosen as one of “LinkedIn’s 50 Great People to Follow” and the “25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia,” Nozomi is a speaker at major conferences and a frequent podcast guest. Her expertise in intercultural leadership and business in Japan and Asia has been featured in ABC, CBS, NBC, BloombergBusiness, Forbes, HuffPost, Japan Times, Japan Today, and Atlanta Business Chronicle.

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