Neneh Diallo

Chief Diversity Officer | USAID

Neneh Diallo, USAID’s Chief Diversity Officer, is a dynamic advocate and leader in the fields of strategic communications, diversity, and inclusion. She leads the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility within the Office of the Administrator.   

In her previous role as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Communications at pocstock, a globally recognized Black-owned media platform, Neneh tapped into her passion for storytelling and advocacy by shaping national campaigns and messages, amplifying authentic representation in visual media. Prior to this, she served as a Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at Current Global, where she led corporate reputation, executive visibility and media campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. After nearly a decade leading public affairs and strategic communications, Neneh pivoted to leading diversity and inclusion at the Millennium Challenge Corporation where she served as a catalyst for change and designed the organization’s strategic plan aligning it to the corporate strategy and human capital plan. She elevated conversations on inclusive leadership, women’s empowerment and equality, and mentorship underscoring her commitment to fostering inclusive environments.   

Neneh’s deep-rooted passion for advocacy is evident in her work at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project Advisory Council, where she champions 50/50 representation in public service. As a skilled communicator, her credits include directing the news section of and producing compelling media for CBS News.   

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Neneh is an active community volunteer, leading donation drives for organizations such as Bethany House in Alexandria, Virginia. Currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Public Relations at George Washington University, Neneh received her bachelors in political science from Rutgers University.  

Her skills in strategic communication, inclusive leadership, along with her dedication to foster social and economic inclusion make Neneh Diallo an influential and transformative force in her field. 

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