Natalie Garay, M.A.

Pilates Educator and Founder & CEO of {ther • happy}

Natalie Garay is a Master Certified Pilates Educator and Master Certified Flower Essence Therapist who specializes in physical and emotional post-baby rehabilitation and wellness. After spending two months on bedrest with her twin daughters and delivering via c-section surgery, her body was completely atrophied. 19 months later, she delivered her third daughter via c-section. When she was introduced to Pilates, it was a life saver. As a solo mom raising 3 babies, she needed all the physical and mental strength she could get. In her 17 years of coaching, Natalie has facilitated virtual and in-person workshops, 6-week rehabilitation programs, private instruction, and downloadable virtual programs teaching women about the importance of mental and physical rehabilitation after having children, no matter how long ago it was. Natalie is also the Founder and CEO of {ther • happy}, a product company that creates therapeutic mists using organic essential oils, Flower Essences, and a touch of humor. She’s written for publications such as, Living Lavishly Magazine,, Conscious Magazine,, and She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from University of California at Santa Barbara. She resides in Pismo Beach, CA with her 3 bright and beautiful teenage daughters and their feisty pup, Luna. |

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