Melissa Wojcik

Certified Yoga Teacher, Dhyana Yoga Arts and The Yoga Alliance

What moves you? Breath. Movement. Connection. For the Love of Yoga. My Name is Melissa – my close friends call me Mo. I have plenty of other nicknames and titles (Stay at Home Mom, Caterer, Production Manager) to go along with my 40+ years of life experience and now I get to add to this: Yoga Teacher. I have completed 200 hrs of official yoga training and have 9+ years of yoga practice. To be honest, it has been amazing.    

I started my yoga journey right after I had my daughter. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and yoga was an activity that brought us closer together. I would practice poses with her cooing on her blanket by my mat and as I moved, I could calm my mind and just focus on bonding and breathing. During the Savasana at the end, we would rest together and cuddle.  I could be present to give her the love she so very deserved and at the same time, I was able to get the peace of mind that I was craving.  As time flew by, she grew up and as a family, we began to move around.  We relocated from Southern California to Northern California, then eventually to New Jersey.  I brought my yoga practice with me everywhere I moved to help me and my family through the various stresses of moving.  Yoga studios would provide me with almost an instant community as I learned my way around town.  

When I step on a yoga mat, I feel steady and grounded; yet I still feel free like I have wings and can fly. I sense myself getting stronger and lighter. I see things with a little more clarity and focus. I let vulnerability in through difficult poses and find strength in my own power.  At the end of the practice, I am invincible. If I can endure life’s contradictions in 1 hour, imagine what I can handle in the next 23 hours of the day.   

I get to feel empowered. I get the joy of my mind feeling clear to be creative. I love putting together a fun yoga class, planning a get-together with friends, gardening and painting.  Most of the art on my website was made by yours truly. I am starting this website because I believe that empowered people, empower people. I want to use yoga and meditation as a way to show people how to connect to their own inner strength to help them out along their individual journeys.  

I do all of this because I believe that if you find something good in the world, share it. It spreads the love around and makes the world a better and richer place. It’s breath. It’s movement. It’s connection. It’s For the Love of Yoga. For more information, visit Follow Melissa on social media: Facebook @ MoFortheLoveofYoga | YouTube | Instagram @ fortheloveyoga 


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