Mariah Sather

Senior Manager, Inclusion & Diversity at Newmont

Mariah Sather is the Senior Manager, Inclusion & Diversity responsible for attraction strategy for Newmont Corporation. Prior to this role, she has over 12 years of experience in Human Resources with a focus in talent attraction strategy across multiple organizations and industries. Most recently, she worked as part of Newmont’s Talent Acquisition as a Senior Recruiter. She recruited for Newmont’s Corporate Headquarters and various regional mine site locations in North America. Mariah’s work in Talent Acquisition focused on growing the diverse representation of the workforce, promoting an inclusive workplace and disrupting biases in the hiring process.

Mariah is a highly skilled influencer who can collaborate with others to inspire and support an Inclusion & Diversity strategy through every part of an organization. She’s demonstrated her ability to connect with all professional levels and backgrounds to create an environment where people feel valued, respected, safe, and like they belong.

On a personal level, she grew up with two siblings with disabilities and has extensive experience and a passion for working with people who have disabilities. A superpower of hers is helping others feel included. It has led to her reputation for being a champion for motivating and encouraging coworkers to show up as their authentic selves, strengthening the quality of work performed.

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