Kiera Fernandez

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer | Target

Kiera Fernandez serves as the senior vice president of talent and change and chief diversity and inclusion officer. Kiera is responsible for leading and advancing Target’s enterprise-wide DE&I strategy as well as leading our talent and change team and strategy. In addition to her human resource expertise, Kiera has an extensive background in retail operations, process and project management, store operations and team leadership.

Kiera began her career at Target in 2001, as an executive team leader for stores, subsequently serving in a variety of leadership roles. Since that time, Kiera has led teams in merchandising, stores, operations and human resources (HR). Over the last several years, she has continued to build a career across multiple HR functions. She is a founding member of Target’s Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) committee, which is tasked with urgently advancing our DE&I work for Black team members, guests and communities.

Kiera is a dedicated diversity advocate who sparks, inspires and challenges the lens in which we view and practice diversity, so we can all grow the circle together with shared accountability and responsibility.

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