Kevin Walters

 Diversity Chef, DEI pioneer, and Transformation Strategist

Kevin Walters is a DEI pioneer and transformation strategist with 20 years of experience empowering organizational change at top Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Microsoft, and Home Depot. Kevin is the current Founder of The Diversity Chef. He uses the magic of food to build inclusive, transformative, and equitable workplaces. Before The Diversity Chef, he was the Head of Diversity and Inclusion Solutions for a SaaS-based tech company called SilkRoad Technology.

Kevin is an accomplished talent acquisition management thought leader, expert panelist, and a pioneer member of the Senior Executive DEI Think Tank. He has been the DEI keynote speaker for ERE/SourceCon and impacts audiences routinely online via podcasts, webinars, and conferences.
Kevin’s passion for DEIB stems from his early exposure to growing up in a multicultural neighborhood in NYC. He believes that DEIB is not a project; it is in his DNA.

Kevin is a sought-after speaker and consultant on all things DEIB. His talks and workshops are engaging, informative, and actionable, leaving audiences with the tools to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. Kevin has a BS in Political Science from Florida State University and resides in Southwest Nevada. In his spare time, Kevin cooks, reads, listens to vinyl records, and plays international chess.

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