Kevin PCJ D’Souza

Chief Sustainability Officer | Resource Capital Funds

Kevin is a distinguished professional and visionary thought leader with nearly three decades of direct experience in Environment Social & Governance (ESG) and more recently Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) related issues in mining. His career has focused on creating sustainable business value, combined with social purpose, through informed ESG strategic planning, and real tactical operational implementation for value protection and creation. He has conscientiously overseen the recruitment, development, and retention of multi-cultural and diverse talent in company-wide HSEC and security functions. He has led teams in multiple company processes, including acquisitions, restructurings, turnarounds, consolidations, and divestments whilst navigating unique ESG-related due diligence, and host country permitting and regulatory requirements.

Kevin has gained wide-ranging knowledge, and both strategic and operational experience, in a variety of consultancy, managerial, and senior/executive leadership roles from remote exploration camps, construction sites, and operational mines, to Corporate and even Ministerial offices. He has expertly led, guided, and collaborated with multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams to address and resolve conflict; reach consensus to secure and maintain local and Indigenous community acceptance (social license to operate); and the creation of sustainable socio-economic value and robust environmental performance.

Kevin has amassed direct operational experience in over fifty countries worldwide, especially in developing countries and fragile post-conflict areas. He is known for his strong cross-cultural competency and deliberate relationship-based approach, He has also worked extensively as a strategic advisor on extractive industry-related developmental programs for major NGOs and with International Funding Institutions (IFIs), including the World Bank, DFID, ILO, and several UN agencies supporting emerging market Governments on policy reform and investment programs.

Kevin has overseen multi-level government relations and regulatory permitting in numerous jurisdictions coupled with meeting stringent international level financing conditionality for both strategic and tactical ESG-related performance requirements. He has proactively met Board, investor, lender, and key stakeholder expectations and the requirements of numerous ESG related performance and disclosure standards including (ICMM, RGMPs, IFC, EBRD, GRI, TCFD, SASB, etc) through the development of strong internal oversight controls and robust reporting procedures.

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