Karen Chong

Vice President of Audience Strategy, Age Inclusion | AARP

Karen Chong is an innovator in social+mission, leveraging compelling storytelling to engage audiences with a brand’s mission and strengthen familiarity. In her role as the Vice President of Audience Strategy, Age Inclusion, for AARP, Chong is the enterprise-wide strategy lead for raising awareness of age discrimination and challenging the negative stereotypes of ageism. She also leads work within the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion team to develop strategic partnerships and leverage content to break through social clutter while reaching non-traditional audiences for AARP. Forging partnerships with Advertising Week NY, Allure Magazine, Refinery29, and others, Chong has doubled engagement year over year for AARP’s #DisruptAging campaign. #DisruptAging is sparking a culture shift by challenging the ageist stereotypes so often promoted by today’s industries, systems, and culture – so that we can all choose how we live our increasingly longer, nonlinear lives. AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, with 38 million members and the most widely-read publications in the world. Prior to AARP, she led partnership and content marketing teams at PBS and launched niche technical magazines for The Washington Post Company.

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