James Bonnor

President of EMEA Region

James Bonnor is the President of EMEA Region and a member of the global Executive Committee for Orica Limited.

He is responsible for the leadership and strategic development of the Orica business across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Based in London, United Kingdom, James leads a team of more than 2000 across 21 countries that Orica operates in the EMEA region.

He is passionate about employee safety, developing trusted customer relationships and delivering value based technology differentiation.

As a member of the EXCO and various internal Orica boards, James works with the leadership team to establish and implement global strategies.


James joined Orica (then ICI) in 1995 as a Product Manager in the ICI Crop Care chemicals business, based in New Zealand.   With a strong background in customer facing commercial activity and functional experience in marketing, he has since held other marketing and business management roles within Orica.

In 2002 James joined the Orica Chemicals group as General Manager of Orica Chemnet, located in New Zealand.  He then moved to Australia in 2005, taking up the General Manager role of Orica Adhesives and Resins.

Since his move into the Orica Mining Services Division in 2007, James has held a number of executive roles including: Senior Vice President of the Global Ammonium Nitrate and Explosives Marketing based in Denver;   President of Orica Mining Services Latin America based in Santiago, Chile;  General Manager Australia  / Asia based in Newcastle, Australia; and most recently President Orica North America based in Denver, Colorado.

Prior to joining Orica, James had experience within the pharmaceuticals’ and investment banking industries, based in New Zealand and the UK.

With his career at Orica spanning more than 27 years, James has in depth expertise and experience across many areas, including product commercialisation, sales, operations, marketing strategy and customer relationship management.  In his roles with Orica, he has worked with customers across a range of market segments, including open cut coal, open cut metals, underground mining, quarrying and construction.

Appointments and memberships

Various Orica Internal and Joint Venture Boards

Member of the Board of Governors Safex International

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