Dr. Jackie Glenn

Founder and CEO | Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions

Jackie Glenn is a prominent and reputable contributor to the diversity, equity and inclusion industry. During her thirty-year experience in the field, she has launched a suite of online and in-person global training programs to empower the workforce at every level. Jackie employs her expertise to bring awareness to the multifaceted impact of an all inclusive, multicultural, and multigenerational workplace. Her strategies bring a distinct level of innovation and profitability that help to establish DE&I as a business imperative. Over the arch of her career, Jackie has worked within the corporate world as well as through her self-created enterprise. While serving as Chief Diversity Officer at Fortune 500 EMC corporation, Jackie pioneered multiple groundbreaking initiatives that brought a distinct level of innovation, inclusivity, and profitability establishing DE&I as a business imperative that fortified the EMC foothold in computer storage technology. As a result of her drive and leadership, Jackie was an integral part of the company’s integration into Dell Technologies, where she co-led the DE&I charge for a global workforce. 

In her current position as Founder and CEO of Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions, Jackie leans on her decades of experience to bring transformations of positive, lasting change to corporate cultures. At the helm of her firm, Jackie nurtures strong relationships with executives across a range of industries, secures their commitment to collaboration, and rebrands their workforces to establish DE&I as a top-priority business imperative. She employs several proven and groundbreaking strategies such as in-depth cultural audits, executive coaching and trusted advisory services to several CEOs, in order to create tangible change and foster inclusive and equitable environments for all employees. 

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